Asma Bicha
Asma Bicha

They say betrayal never comes from your enemies and they’re right. You don’t share your fears and secrets with your enemies. Your enemies can’t touch you, they can’t hurt you in the way that your friends can.

I’m what you NEED.

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كان من المؤلم جداً أنّ الناس لا يصلون… ولكنه كان من المؤلم أكثر، أنهم إذا صلّوا، ربما لا يتغيّرون

It is painful that people do not pray, but what is even more painful is that even when they do pray, they may not change

Ahmed Khairy al-Omary (b. 1970) - An Iraqi revisionist/rationalist writer on Islamic thought (via arabicquotes)